Solid Wood Furniture: The Allure of Wood in Your Home


When you are looking for solid wood furniture of excellent quality it is important for you to do your research and know what you are looking for. So we are here to help you. Some of the best solid wood you can find is oak, teak and mango furniture. All of these woods are hardwoods, solid and strong, reliable and durable. The kind of wood that won’t let you down over time or deteriorate in quality, these woods all have these characteristics. Next when looking for some beautiful solid wood furniture you need to narrow down your parameters. Where is this furniture going to be placed?

  • In a bedroom – Will you need a bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, blanket box, dresser?
  • In a living room – Perhaps a sideboard, TV/Media Unit, bookcase, coffee table?
  • In a study – Maybe you’ll need a bookcase, a desk, a console table?
  • In a dining room – A dining table, chairs, sideboard?

So when you know which area of your home you are looking to furnish you can now move onto thinking about a specific product.

The Allure of Solid Wood Furniture

Wood has warmth to it that you can feel. There is no substitute for the feel of the grain and warmth of genuine wood – even if that is only a thin veneer of walnut over white oak, plywood or particleboard. There is something about the look of Rattan furniture that no synthetic material can match.

When you feel its weight, solid wood lets you know that you have a substantial and enduring item of home furniture. Nothing looks the same as a waxed pine table top, or a table that has been lovingly French polished to a high, deep shine. No synthetic or metallic material can offer you the same brilliance and high quality appearance than properly finished and polished wood.

The Strength of Wooden Furniture

A major difference between solid wood and plywood or particleboard is that of endurance and strength. It is not possible to fashion traditional joints using anything other than real wood. You cannot cut mortise and tendon or dovetail joints using particleboard or plywood. Such materials must be joined together using glue, screws, plugs and plastic or metal jointing blocks.

The traditional carpentry joints using in solid wood furniture are crafted to use the strength of the wood and design of the joint itself for its strength. A pinned tendon or a properly crafted dovetail joint needs no glue, nails or screws to make it secure. Unlike plywood or particleboard, solid wood joints do not separate their layers or disintegrate when they become wet. They remain strong, and expand and contract along with the parts they bind together in extremes of heat and cold.

So we hope this article has been useful for you when it comes to finding excellent new solid wood furniture. Enjoy your online shopping and remember to use reputable online dealerships when it comes to purchasing. We hope you find truly superb quality furniture that you’ll be really happy with and it will be part of your home for a very long time.