Ways to Use Stump Grindings

download (62)When a tree is cut down, there will be a tree stump left. The question is what to do with the stump? When you hire a tree removal service to remove a tree the contract that you sign the price very seldom does it include removing the stump. If there is no way you cannot incorporate it into your existing landscape you will have to chip away at it until it is level with the ground. You do this by using a stump grinder, which you can rent for approximately one hundred to one hundred ninety dollars a day or hire a landscaper who charges by the size of the stump. For a twenty-four inch stump a landscaper will charge between ninety and one hundred fifty dollars. The stump grinder that you need to use is a power tool that is attached to a rotating cutting disk that will grind the tree stump into a bunch of small chips. This process is called stump grinding. The next question that arises is what to do with all of these little pieces of stump. You can use then as:

• Compost-instead of using it as mulch make it into compost, resulting in a natural fertilizer. All you need is a plastic container or drum to compost your stump shavings along with organic waste from your kitchen like fruit and vegetable peels and waste from your garden. Stir the compost frequently so the stump grindings decompose quickly. Once they have decomposed you can use them to enrich the soil in your garden and flowerbeds. You will need to decompose them for three to four months before you can use them as fertilizer.

• Mulch-before you can use the stump shavings for mulching you need to make sure that tree from which the shavings came from is not disease infested. Once you know that the tree is disease free you can use the shavings to make mulch. To make the mulch remove as much as you can from where the shavings are and take it to where you want to use it. Spread the wood chips over your soil in an inch layer. To get the best results you can add some of the stump grindings to the flowerbeds and rake them into the soil. This will give them time to decompose and increase the nutrients in the soil. If the stump grindings are from pine trees be careful how much you use as it can increase the acidity of the soil where it has been used as mulch. Too much acidity in the soil will make it hard for any plant to grow.

How Can Clients Help A Contracting Company Improve Their Work?

download (63)Investing in an establishment is very expensive. However, having your own establishment can provide you with numerous benefits and can help you improve your lifestyle and even make you financially stable. But, in order to achieve all these, you need to make sure that you hire reliable contracting companies.

You can easily find reliable contractors who can help you with your needs. But, clients also need to do certain tasks to help contractors improve their work. Below are some of the following things you need to consider.

Provide contracting companies your purpose

One of the first things clients can do to help contracting companies is to provide them with your purpose. May it be building an establishment or improving your home, it is imperative that you talk with contractors about the purpose of the project. In this way, they have a clear idea about your goals and make sure that they can achieve it. Telling your purpose can also help them make better decisions even if you are away.

Do not forget to indicate special instructions

Whether you are building your own establishment or enhancing the interior designs of your home, it is important to indicate special instructions you may have to the contractor. Due to obligations at work and at home, there are instances when clients may forget these instructions. As a result, you may end up redesigning, utilizing more time and expenses as originally planned. By indicating special instructions on the initial plan, contractors can ensure that your goals are met.

Never rush their work

When hiring contracting companies, one of the mistakes clients make is rushing the work. Surely, you wish to see huge progress in the project. But, rushing the work can only make things worse. For instance, rushing building foundations can lead to a huge problem since weak foundations can affect the reliability of the establishment. In addition, weak foundations can also endanger workers and potential buyers of the establishment. As a result, the project will take longer and will be more expensive.

Make sure you have sufficient finances

Finally, in order to help contracting companies accomplish projects easily, it is also important that you support them financially. When talking about financial support, you need to purchase the materials they need. In this way, construction will not be disrupted.

By knowing all these, clients are rest assured that contracting companies can accomplish their projects easily and efficiently.

Installing Aluminum Siding

download (61)When using aluminum siding it can give your home more curb appeal and make your home all weather proof. Using aluminum for house siding began after World War II and since that time people have preferred it over other different types of siding. The surface of the siding is often coated with enamel and enables it to have various looks. One look is an artificial wooden surface. Weather plays a vital role in aluminum siding installation making spring and summer the best seasons for installation. Before the work begins it is good to check the weather report because rain will make it a difficult task to do for several days.

One reason that many like aluminum siding is that there are many advantages of using this particular siding, which include:

• It is water and fire proof
• It requires little maintenance as it has few problems such as minor dents and scratches. You can fix these easily by repainting or sanding surface of the siding.
• Unlike steel siding it does not oxidize
• Using aluminum siding installation the exterior walls of your home does not come in direct contact with snow or rain and protect them from algae or fungal growth.
• Aluminum siding is more effective as insulation for your home when compared to vinyl siding and because of this your air conditioner and/or fireplace work throughout the year more efficiently.

Yes, it is possible for the homeowners to do the aluminum siding installation themselves but it would take at least two people to do it correctly and safely. When you purchase the aluminum siding the manufactures will give you an instruction manual as to how to do it, including all the tools you will need. Because the backing surface has to be even you will also have to purchase some type of underlayment like foam board, which is considered the best material to use. You will first have to install these, making sure that you are keeping them straight, with any two adjacent ones overlapping at least two inches.

To finish the aluminum siding installation you will put the sheets of siding on the walls and nail them to the house using the factory-made holes. You need to use only aluminum nails to prevent damage to the siding. Do not fix the siding too tight and on each wall you need to leave a gap of three-fourths inch to fix the corner caps. Once you have installed the siding fit the corner caps on each corner of a wall by sliding the rims under the edges of the panels of siding and then fixing them with nails.

Powering Through the Fire Damage Restoration Process

download (60)Your home is partially damaged in a blaze, but fortunately, you will be able to move back in. Undergoing professional fire damage restoration will save you from having to figure out how to dry carpets, drapery, and furniture, remove soot, and repair structural damage. During this tumultuous time, you and your family will be able to take control by following these tips.

Names and Contact Information

Get a folder and a notebook and be prepared to hoard everything related to the fire. Write down the name and contact information of every helpful person you encounter. Continue using the notebook to track financial transactions and conversations with insurance representatives, contractors, and all other related interactions. Be sure to write the date, time, full name, subject, and next steps for each conversation. Put the business cards, reports, forms, contracts, etc. you receive in the folder. Knowing the status of all aspects of recovery will help you feel powerful in a time of despair.

Let People Know About Your Situation

When family and friends hear the news, they will want to help! Tell them what you need and be specific. If your clothing is not salvageable, let them see the specific sizes and types you want. Many people use crowdfunding websites to arrange donations and tell their stories. Some choose registries that allow people to purchase specific items. Use pictures of the damage to show the need. The more your loved ones know, the better they can direct support.

Don’t forget to keep track of donations so you can follow up with thank yous when you are back on your feet. You will also want to arrange a storage space for donated items while you wait to move home.

Temporary Housing

If you do not have anywhere to stay while your home is undergoing fire damage restoration, reach out to local hotels to see if they offer free nights for fire survivors. Take advantage of emergency and recovery organizations. They will help you access a web of connections and available necessities.

Salvaging Keepsakes

You’ve survived physically unharmed, but what about your belongings? When fire damage restoration professionals allow you to enter your home, you will want to find and remove the most treasured items. After photo-documenting everything you can safely approach, remove the items you want to keep in large plastic bags.

When you find documents that are wet and stuck together, float them in a tub of water to separate them. Follow up by hanging to dry or laying out on a flat surface.

Clothing and furniture that may be smoke damaged should be checked by your fire damage restoration consultants to help you decide whether to keep or toss them. You can treat smoke-scented clothing by soaking and washing in a mixture of water and vinegar.

Make Your Claim

After you have photographed your home, make a list of everything you have lost. Think of your house room by room to make sure you are not missing anything. Work with your family to ensure all perspectives are included. Create a table that includes the name, value, approximate date purchased, and retailer for each item. It is preferable to do this in digital form so you can update easily and share with your insurance agent.